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Cool Agreed


So this is what I did:

Here's what it looked like after it broke. The post snapped clean at the base. The two pieces fit back together perfectly.

I noticed the post had a hole al the way through it. There was nothing on the back of the plate where it fits against the clutch basket to prevent inserting a stud...and the hole in the post can't be for transfer of lubricant since the pressure plate bolts fill the post hole.

I put it in vice to hold the broken pieces in place while I tapped it with a 6mmx1.0 tap.

I tapped about 1/4 inch into the break. Then I cut a headless stud from a 6mm bolt and slotted the end with a hack saw so I could screw it into the newly tapped base of the post. The stud was cut to the exact length as the threaded hole so it would only screw in so far then stop. That way the bolt could go no farther and be "locked" into place.

Next I coated the stud in Lock-tite and screwed it into the base of the plate post (as snug as possible) until it bottomed out into the tapped hole.

Then on the entry end of the hole I filled it with JB Weld to prevent the newly seated stud from backing out of the hole.

To finish it I ground the excess JB Weld down with a dremel.

I've pulled on the post pretty hard with a bolt in the end and I can't see where it could fail any easier than the original piece. As a matter of fact it appears to have MORE support than the original piece.

Please critique. This is a learning process for all. These bikes are getting harder and harder to find parts for. I talk to the Yamaha dealer and they can get this part but it will be shipped from JAPAN! There aren't any in the they had no idea as to when it would arrive.