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ThankYou.. TC for confirming what i've known for some time..That we are invisible.Your photos brought it home rather precisely what it is we are up against....thats why you all see me in my nerdy Hi-Viz lime/yellow jackets.Sure leather jackets look alot nicer style wise but I get more protection and visibility in my textile jackets...
TC as a follow up you should do a study to demonstrate what bright riding apparrel and even bright headlamps can do to increase one's visiblity.
Alot has been said positive and negative about Headlamp Modulators...bottom line is they work ppl see them from a ways off...Also bikes should rig running lamps ...LEDs that emit bright White light for the front and sides of the bike and Bright amber/red LEDs for the rear.
I have been saying this for a while now "Loud Colors Save Lives"
As we all know our choices in riding gear are personal ones.Even the lack of any riding gear is a choice to be made.I wont lecture and certainly wouldnt dictate,but alot of my brothers and sisters here do not choose to wear the proper gear and have the proper visibility that goes with it.
Most importantly is to remember that no amount of gear will guarantee your saftey in every situation...but it will hopefully in most situations and also reduce the risk of serious injuries.
Also my brothers and sisters....always ride with the awareness that we are invisible to the cagers...always expect not to be seen and prepare accordingly.
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