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I wanted to add a tip and a story from another forum to this tip. It is a good tale that has a safety lesson mixed in.

The tip is that a long bolt makes a great anode as it lasts a whole lot longer and has a comparable surface area.

Here's the story:
For the last two weeks I've been de-rusting my CB750F tank with the battery charger. It's working.

Today however, after cleaning the electrode for the umpteenth time, I failed to address the loss of electrolyte, leaving about a half inch of space clear in the tank. This is in an outdoor area. But today there was no wind to dissipate the Hydrogen in the tank while it was open. Anyway, the electrode "just" fits in the tank. If it is not placed correctly, it hits the inside of the tank, shorting out the battery charger. It's easy to tell if you need to reposition it as the current meter pegs. And, you readjust the electrode and start it up again. So, it isn't usually a big deal if the tank is full.
Mine wasn't and the spark inside the tank lit off the hydrogen/oxygen mixture. Boom!

I could see the entire tank expand and the 1/4 brick I had holding down the electrode cap over the filler hole shot into the air a couple inches from my head. Then right back down onto my previously undented tank. Roll Eyes It's got a new crease in the tank top, too. Though its in an area that needs brazing, so it won't be too difficult to fix.

Anyway, I determined today that my heart will still beat quite fast!

If any of you are doing the electrolysis de-rust thing, be sure to keep the tank full so the hydrogen will not linger in the tank. Lesson learned.

Be careful out there.

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