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Originally Posted by donebysunday View Post
I use the condensation water from my dehumidifier, good ?
Learned the hard way not to leave a battery on concrete, think I was 13-15 years old.
Now checking the cells like that I did not know, never thought to ask, good to know !
Hope I have your attention, you know I just picked up a really clean non-running XS1100SG, it's running now.
I was running it in the garage tonight and noticed the tach quite, revved it up and noticed the lights did not get any brighter. I remember something about tach not working and charging ?, unfortunately I don't remember how they are connected and what to look at ?
Have a plastic gallon jug of distilled water from Wally World or the like for a couple bucks sittin' around would be the better oprion.
Tach and light issue, I'd suggest for starters, unplug and clean the large plug-in terminal behind fuse panal. If no change, may wanna take apart the stop/run switch and soak all pieces in some Evap-o-Rust for few hours, then remove, wash with water, dry, re-assemble and install. This switch completes the running circuit and is somewhat notorious for voltage drop location.
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