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+1 here on these brake lines. They are exact fit, easy to install, no mods needed, and you will like the way they look on your bike.

All of the banjo fitting bends are spot on, as if they were made by Yamaha themselves. They even install the rubber grommets for the hold down clamps. Could not ask for a better product for the XS1100 brake application. The lines are DOT approved. They come in rubber or stainless steel braid. Different colors are available as well. You would never consider making up your own lines after having seen this product.

Just installed them on my Venturer and have not road tested yet. I suspect that there will be much improved brake response. Will post that evaluation as soon as I can test them.

1981 XS1100H Venturer
K&N Air Filter
Custom Paint by Deitz
Geezer Rectifier/Regulator
Chacal Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
Chrome Front Rotor & Caliper Covers
Stebel Nautilus Horn
EBC Front Rotors
Limie Accent Moves On In 2015


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