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Originally Posted by AndyB78 View Post
The headlight won't come on even with the engine running. Nothing at all on the headlight. The turn signals won't work of the signal switch but if I turn the hazard lights on they flash like they should.
It is a very good sign that the hazard flasher works and so do the bulbs! The Hazard flasher does its job from a separate 2-pole flasher relay and a separate power wire that comes straight off the ignition switch so, unlike the turn signals, it's not fused at all except for the 30A Main fuse. Be careful working with the hazard circuit.

Check the 20A Sig fuse. If the Signal fuse is okay, temporarily replace the large 3-pole turn signal relay with the 2-pole hazard relay and see if the signals work. The 2 prongs of the hazard relay should plug into the slots with the Brown wire and the Brown/White wire (Brown with a White stripe).

The headlight may not be working because the headlight fuse is bad, the headlight relay is bad/missing, or the headlight relay diode is bad. Check the 10A Head fuse.

If the fuse is good then you can temporarily bypass the headlight relay by putting a jumper across the Red/Yellow wire and the Blue/White wire at the headlight relay connector. The headlight relay is underneath the fuel tank and should be almost directly above the ignition coils at the front of the frame up by the steering head.
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