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'81 Special project bike

Quite a few years back, I picked up an SH in decent condition, drove it home, and proceeded to strip it down to do a full custom remake.

I sent the stripped frame to a bodyshop to have a few rust holes on the bottom of the downtubes re-welded, then had the frame done in satin black epoxy.

I tore the engine down and put in a "little big bore" Wiseco kit. Engine is still on an engine stand, never been fired.

I bought braided stainless brake lines, all new pads, new m/c seals.

Carbs were stripped down, cleaned from inside out, painted satin black.

Most of the chrome bits (i.e. not including fork tubes) were sent to plating shop, electrically stripped, then redone in satin black powdercoat.

Just about everything else that was unbolted was sandblasted, glassbeaded, and sent in for satin black powdercoat.

Seat is in excellent shape; tires excellent; sidecovers and tank undamaged and ready for paint.

This is the last of my XS11 fleet, and I would love to see it go to someone with the time and passion to put it back together. Located in Revelstoke, BC, and the snow has melted enough now that I can get to the shed where all the rubbermaid tubs full of parts are.

Anybody interested in coming to Revelstoke with a pick-up truck or van and taking home a 1:1 full scale model of an XS11 Special?
Ken Talbot
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