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Originally Posted by Bonz View Post
If the 12th works for guys to come on Thursday, it sure is nice to have an extra day to spend together. It seems we just start to settle in and have fun socializing after the awesome rides and then everyone is heading out the next morning.

Sebastian, you know this part of the state well. What campground are we making our play at and what to use for our hotel and motel attendees?

Let us know what you are thinking, I like the overall location a lot.

Let me know if you need some legwork on that stuff.
Bonz and all,

Ideally we are going to shoot for Chalk Lake Campground. Great place for tents, I will take a look at tent rates and making group reservations ahead of time (it's a pretty big place so we should be good). Each site can accommodate more than one tent I believe so it might make sense to have guys share a site.

As for hotel accommodations, there are some places in Johnson Village and Buena Vista (a few miles away from Chalk Lake). Here are some links:

I could use some help finding out who all plans to attend so we can get a head/tent count and then reserve the spot. This is a nice spot and reserving sites sooner rather than later will be critical because this is prime camping season.
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