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Originally Posted by Sebastian_99 View Post
I had some thoughts about cool places to do a 2018 rally in Colorado if people are interested in doing another one here. I was mainly thinking about basing it out of Nathrop (just outside of Buena Vista) because Cottonwood pass should be 100% paved by then and would be a blast to ride. We could also include rides on Independence pass and Monarch pass. People could either stay hotels in Buena Vista, Nathrop or even Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and the rest of everyone could camp at Chalk Creek campground. Thoughts?
Just read "Princeton a stone throw to the east" what? Whoa .... a trigger ..... From Creek it would be west. So location has been changed? from Chalk Creek on US285 to Chalk Lake west of Princeton. Chalk Creek had the Cabins and is private campground. Chalk Lake is a booking.

So I guess its Chalk Lake now for the Rally.

Was going to book at Cabin at "Creek" but maybe Hotel at BW @ Buena Vista where I've stayed before might work. Not sure I want to drag a tent & stuff from Georgia. Princeton Hot Springs big $$ for motel room. Only 10 miles between all this stuff anyways so it is not material distance wise. Would like to be a Rally HQ site. 9,000 ft burr ...... But i've never been up CO162 and i bet it is beautiful.

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