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Originally Posted by Sebastian_99 View Post
Bonz and all,

Ideally we are going to shoot for Chalk Lake Campground. Great place for tents, I will take a look at tent rates and making group reservations ahead of time (it's a pretty big place so we should be good). Each site can accommodate more than one tent I believe so it might make sense to have guys share a site.

As for hotel accommodations, there are some places in Johnson Village and Buena Vista (a few miles away from Chalk Lake). Here are some links:

I could use some help finding out who all plans to attend so we can get a head/tent count and then reserve the spot. This is a nice spot and reserving sites sooner rather than later will be critical because this is prime camping season.

I clicked on the link in Sebastian’s post and it takes me to Chalk Lake campground. Definitely different than Chalk Creek campground. I may have missed something however I did not see Chalk creek campground mentioned from Seb_99.

Let’s pause and be sure we are all on the same page as far as info.

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