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Originally Posted by Bonz View Post
A few more details that are probably going to be asked... I do not believe there are showers on site. A fellow would have to go down to the Mount Princeton Hot Springs for that from what Iím reading. That would mean a ride down on the bike.

I am reading mixed reviews on the availability of drinking water. If it is like it was in 2015, there is no electricity. This place is much more rustic than the past places we have camped.

Sebastian, have you camped there recently to confirm drinking water and possible addition of electricity?

That said, I do not want to be a wet blanket on anything however to encourage and be hospitable to the greatest number of fellows those are things to consider.

The past Colorado rallies have been gaged with amenities in mind that would appeal to all while tenting, and of course hotels nearby that encourage fellows to congregate for evenings.

Thoughts from the collective?
It looks like there's a babbling brook, any fish?

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