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Originally Posted by Spartanman View Post
OK - fixed the last one on my 81 with dying suddenly. It was a loose connection coming out of the main fuse block.

Now two new ones have come up at about the same time but I don't think they are related.

First - when starting the bike, if it doesn't fire after the first try, I get nothing when I hit the starter a second time. Have to wait about 30 seconds and then it will crank again. If it doesn't then, another 30 seconds...etc.... Have a brand new battery and it cranks very strong, when it cranks. Now before, it would do this but only after 3 or 4 tries, and even then I would have to wait only about 5 seconds and it would crank again. Right now this is just an inconvenience, but obviously if this is going to get to the point where I have to wait.....for who knows how long...that would be a problem.

Second - the tach. Doesn't work on startup. After riding for about 10 minutes, it starts working and then keeps working the rest of the day. After sitting overnight however, it then repeats the problem. I'm assuming this is a moisture issue somewhere, but if anyone knows which connection this is likely to be that would be helpful.

As always, any input would be appreciated.
If original fuse panel is still being used, it DEFINITELY needs to be changed over to the blade type fuse panel!....first order of electrical problem solving for these ole' bikes.
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