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Originally Posted by Spartanman View Post
Thanks - Is there a specific XS1100 fuse block that can be ordered?
Len at XJ4Ever is providing an XS1100 Fuse Box Kit. Has blade Fuse Box, Fuses, Wires and everything you need. It is a really slick Turn Key fix. It is all color coded too to match the original wire colors. Terminal connectors are already professionally assembled so that eliminates a problem point too.

My 78' XS1100 E with the new fuse box

note the Flasher Can is moved over to the left (battery side) of the bike and a patch cable is provided. The new fuse box mounts lower which provides much more room above & below the terminal connectors.

Rather than use the insulated butt connectors provided in the kit Kurt used uninsulated with heat shrink. But to answer your question, Yes here is an option for a real nice Turn Key Kit. Call Len if you are interested. My bike sure runs better after we installed it just last Friday.

78' XS1100 E
78' XS1100 E
78' XS1100 E

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