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Post FZR Update

Vintage Yamaha Friends,
After a large quantity of work today, I was to take a real ripping ride on the FZR. I AM IN LOVE! This machine still stumbles a little coming out of the low RPMS due to the bad needles (not yet replaced), but this thing is a monster. It's HOOLIGAN loud but that will hopefully be resolved soon.....

Today's Work:

Thanks to my British friends providing instructions, I was able to fairly quickly remove & replace the dust seals, oils seals, and the fork oil with minimal aggravation or pain! Thanks England FZR Club!

Against my better judgement, I did hoist the machine on the aftermarket exhaust. Without a center stand, removing the forks leaves few options.

The forks each came apart quite easily and I might even say this was easier than a conventional fork (i.e. XS11)

Adding some high quality fork oil is aided by a baby bottle I use just for this purpose (no my grand babies won't be drinking from this). I find the small size and CC markings make these a great tool for a bike shop.

While I had the wheel off I had to paint the crusty front rim. Took my time on the rear and did it days before the tire arrived. I should have done this earlier before the new tire was installed but I was in a rush to ride.....Tape-off of the new Pirelli was a task. Done far out in the front lawn to avoid over spray on the other toys.

I wish I would have been able to use a high-quality PPG or professional auto paint but i had no white in stock and there wasn't the ability to get to the auto paint store. I have all the tools and paint my own bikes and cars... Today I had to use the "RATTLE CAN" method. Hopefully, it will stand the test of time.

All put back together and test driven..... Darn I love this thing!!!!

If I can keep this pace of work going, this machine will have no problem making it to our VINTAGE YAMAHA RALLY at the end of September
Kurt Boehringer
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