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I had to leave Sunday as I had to be home Monday AM for a call with a mortgage broker then back to work so missed the Mesa Verde segment. Downloaded photos last night and will be posting a few up here soon.

My bias...I think SW Colorado is the best place to ride in the state. Route up Dolores Canyon to Ridgeway then back down Hwy 550 into Durango is a great ride of about 250 miles from and back to the campground. You have mountain scenic, valleys, some twisty roads, rivers, flatland areas, farms, buffalo ranches, regular ranches, just about everything Colorado offers except high desert. Enough small towns to find fuel and food along the way.

it is always good to see old friends and meet a few new people. I enjoyed this rally and hope the other attendees did as well.

It did rain a bit every afternoon and from Durango (including some hail) to Ouray on my Sunday trip home. I did take a side trip to Wolf Creek Pass and Valicito Lake before I left, had lunch in Pagosa Springs.

It looks like I will be leaving Colorado for Iowa if our house buying deal goes through. Move (and retirement) would be sometime after closing on September 30th. This would result in me going more east for rallies and such rather than west, but the future remains open. We are keeping our Colorado lot located in Park County and not far from Hwy 285 and Fairplay.

My thanks to Bonz for organizing this rally. it was a lot of fun.
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