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Hi Webb guy, I'm all in. FYI, Ten+ years ago, the TeXSive team had a ride out of Hondo, TX; this was my first group ride on the XJ11. I've still got the trail maps etc. from that event. There's a reasonably priced hotel with a pool near Walmart. What's a ride without a trip to Walmart. We could make this a reunion to see how many riders are still active. Just a thought.

Here's my cell 713-306-3494.

The planning is hard...choosing the route and the date is tough. As you said, July is a very hot month and no one really cares where we ride other than finding a safe and fun route...I'm thinking late April or early May. Please call and lets talk. Kat, I'm assuming you're following this link, any thoughts?

Let's get'r done.
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