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I would sure support the LOST rally by considering attending, but the time frame doesn't fit.

It's not "hard" to host a rally. Throw out an invitation in a thread and see who is interested with a place/area in mind. If you get some interest make a reservation for a group site at a campground that has a hotel or motel nearby, know the roads that you want to take the guys on and pre-ride them as best you can so you know the roads you will be leading people on.

Nice thing with Colorado is there are always landmarks, historical areas, towns, mountains and mountain passes that you don't get anywhere else. I'm lucky to have that draw in my backyard and can share it with others. The riding is typically uncluttered in terms of excess traffic on the roads. The timing after the 4th of July weekend is deliberate, once everyone is cleared out it's quiet, per se, just about anywhere we want to go.

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