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Originally Posted by Bonz View Post
I would sure support the LOST rally by considering attending, but the time frame doesn't fit.

It's not "hard" to host a rally. Throw out an invitation in a thread and see who is interested with a place/area in mind. If you get some interest make a reservation for a group site at a campground that has a hotel or motel nearby, know the roads that you want to take the guys on and pre-ride them as best you can so you know the roads you will be leading people on.

Nice thing with Colorado is there are always landmarks, historical areas, towns, mountains and mountain passes that you don't get anywhere else. I'm lucky to have that draw in my backyard and can share it with others. The riding is typically uncluttered in terms of excess traffic on the roads. The timing after the 4th of July weekend is deliberate, once everyone is cleared out it's quiet, per se, just about anywhere we want to go.
All the reasons you mentioned and more dictate that I be a follower as opposed to a leader or host. I live in central IL, which couldn't be flatter, straighter or more devoid of anything but corn and soybeans. Most of the people I know take time off, and go to other parts of the Good Ole' USA for rides. Decent ones, anyways. Also, my amount of riding time is strongly restricted by my work schedule, usually 6-7 days a week. By the time I got done taking the time off and spending the money needed to find a worthwhile place and do the prep work I would have little of either remaining for the actual event.

Life does try to provide options at times, though. My Mom is from a very small town in SE Missouri, which I have been to many times, but I've never ridden down there (only the family in the cage) and my familiarity with the area would prove insufficient for this purpose. Basically, I know how to get there, but everything else is get-out-the-map-where-the-hell-am-I? time. It would also prove to be a stretch for anyone wanting to come in from the upper states, and probably falls outside the regional area of the LOST group, but I'd have to verify that.

Lastly, I'm not sure that everyone would appreciate my riding style, solo anyways. Yes, I'm mature and know how to control myself, but I also have a tendency to work my way through traffic in the most fluid, expedient way possible, probably because I'm usually on my way to or from work. I'm sure that others can relate to this, but I wouldn't want to subject anyone else to an iota of danger because I like to get with it as opposed to slowing down and enjoying the ride. I never seem to have the time for those types of rides, except very short ones, which are few and far-between. At this point I would be much better suited to learning the curve, so to speak, from more experienced "group" riders. I figure you get my point. Sometimes in life you can be leader, and sometimes you need to be a follower. The important part is knowing which to be when, and I think I'm on the right track with this decision. If a LOST Rally pans out and I can contribute and attend, so much the better, and if not there are still options to plan for. Maybe these posts will spark someone's interest in a LOST event, hopefully. Time will tell, I guess.


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