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Stupid Jobs & Attendance

Originally Posted by dpotter58 View Post
How many do we have confirmed? My job is getting stupid about out of state travel
My place of employment is similar. We answer a Q&A if gone for more than 3 days (any long weekend) but regardless of what one puts on it nothing is done. I suppose if I entered "Went to China" someone might respond. Everyone answers the standard questions and gets a temp check each day. Won't be any different for me going to NC from GA.

It's difficult to determine as we're not a real "CLUB" with dues paying members or a legit roll call. In addition, the new management of IH will not disclose the names of registered guests. They have provided us only with the availability numbers. My contact at IH indicated we will be one the biggest group this year. (they've lost a few big events because of policy changes and COVID certainly didn't help).

We know our Canadian friends won't be joining us and a few from the NY area have indicated the same. There are indications that a few NEW faces will be in attendance based on limited events and folks looking to join us for a good time. FB comments indicate this is true for 3-5 new riders (maybe more).

Also, based on the info we have from those registering on departure last year, Jeff and I discussed and we're thinking as of today we're probably at about VYR 40-45 participants

I could be mistaken on this but I BELIEVE last year the "Head Count" (including non driver participants [i.e my wife and others]) was ~80 total people.

As of today, there will not be the same level as last year, but there will certainly be enough to have a great time together (following social distance rules please ).

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