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Replacing The Clutch

Replacing The Clutch
by Justin Lassy

I replaced my clutch at about 26K miles because it was slipping under full throttle.

Of course, be sure to check all your clutch adjustments before spending any $$$ (both cable freeplay, and the mechanism on the clutch cover). After that, go to your local dealer or mail-order place and spend $124 dollars or so on a complete Barnett Clutch Kit which includes heavy duty springs, friction plates, and clutch plates.

Replacing the clutch is very easy. Be sure to lubricate all parts liberally with new engine oil. I have replaced my stock clutch with this very kit, and love it. I love it so much I've been thinkinng about putting a Barnett clutch in my perfectly good V-Max clutch. Until the Barnett clutch breaks in, its a little difficult to get into neutral. You will learn to blip the throttle a bit and get right in there. The clutch action is smooth and wonderful. Works fine with synthetic oil, also.