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As I said before, the key factor here is that the airbox is full of fuel. It is virtually certain that the needle valve is stuck or could be the needle valve itself, or a stuck float or whatever but the point is, the airbox is filling with fuel. The fuel is going backwards into the airbox but also going forward into cylinder number 2, soaking the plug and stopping it from producing a spark. It's highly unlikely that the plug or indeed that whole electrical circuit, both low tension and high tension, has a problem. Yes, the plug is not sparking (not exactly surprising, given that it's drenched in gasoline non-stop) but that isn't actually the cause of the problem, IMO.

Airbox full of fuel = carb needle valve not closing properly/at all.

So.... first of all fix the clearly obvious problem of non-stop gasoline intake on at least one carburettor........ I'd say that's more urgent that mucking about with wires for now.

OK, done that. Ooo...let's see if a nice clean, dry plug produces a spark on the suspect cylinder by laying it on the head and turning the engine over...... spark? Yes = guess what no ignition system problem. No? there's a problem with the ignition system but......guess what?......

at least the fuel peeing through an improperly closing needle valve is now fixed!
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