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I wish I could off you a clear explanation Jim. That's what ColorRite told me too. And what I had purchased from them thinking it was correct. And what they stewed over when I send the 850 front fender to them.

(yes confident that the rest of the bike and all the parts on the 1100 were the same- this was simply the easy one to send them for a number of reasons)

Like I said above; it had them scratching their heads some too. Your bike may be pure "new yamaha black" but these are not. And apparently I'm not alone. And I have no doubt it was not re painted. Or that all four of my tanks on different bikes were mistakenly repainted the same color before I purchased them.

I'm apparently not alone with some comments from others. If you're in the Phoenix area by all means stop by. Some of it will be re painted (with the sparkles) shortly so you'll have to take my word on some of it as I'd not have invested this much time and money into all of it for the sake of a can of black would be completed by now. lol

Maybe some were sold this way while others were not. I won't begin to suggest I know why or how but I know what both I and Jenny (she's the paint expert not me) see and that's where it's headed for this repaint anyhow. *And both Virago tanks as they have it also.
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