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Originally Posted by DAVINCI View Post
My 81 special also had the gold sparkles
Originally Posted by DeanR View Post
80 Special with red sparkles and 81 Special with gold sparkles here.
You may well have sparkles. What you see is what you have. No arguing that. I'm not really going to argue anything about these bikes since I have seen parts from different years on different bikes to know that Yamaha put some strange stuff out there. I know they made Midnight Viragaos but never saw one so I can't address them.

Neither of these two guys that replied to you is referencing a XS 1100 Midnight Special.

Of all the Midnights I have had, I had one that came from the original owner with 2k on the clock. It was immaculate. nothing had been freshened up. There was no glitter. None have had any glitter or sparkle to the paint.

If you want the glitter or sparkle, have at it. I'm sure it would look nice. I'd like to see the pictures when you are done.
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