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Trust me; I'm more intrigued (and somewhat frustrated!) than anything else. I'm just sharing what I'm finding

Of all the bikes the here's what I have/see now.

80-850 sparkles, 3300mi, all original, on the gage pods etc. This is the fender I sent to Jenny. Of all of them this one is clearly the brightest one. The others however have or had more scratches on them than this bike does so maybe why.

80-1100 sparkles were on the tank. Me; I messed up and painted the fenders "new yamaha black" without sparkles, and pc'd gloss black the gauge pods. Has about 11k on it. Can't go back to the tank any longer.

83-750 Virago, supposed to be NYB, has sparkles on the tank for sure. Taking it to the Scottsdale show this weekend if anyone is near by. And on the front fender for sure also. Has about 9700mi on it.

83-920 Virago, supposed to be NYB, HAD sparkles...we tried to match it locally with two paint shops. Has a beautiful color on it. A real deep burgundy. Wrong. lol So it's going to be re sprayed. (but yes it had them) Bike was rough when I got it...has only 5k but required a lot of clean up.

Now here's where it get odd....

80-650 XS no sparkles. Pretty sure of that too. Looked it over very well and I would say 'no'. Bike had 452mi on it when I got it. Original owner. (now has 550)

83-750 XJ Maxim. I don't think it ever had sparkles. Before the sparkle fiasco...we painted the tank (small ding) NYB and I never really looked that much. I need to look closer at the fenders.

83-50 The little RX of course. Never saw anything on this bike but plain old black. Painted it all NYB incl the fenders which were never painted anyhow.

All of these bikes by Yamaha info are supposed to be NYB. But nobody has the formulas from 40yrs ago. Only reproduction info such as ColorRite- who told me mixed that from a customer supplied part to match. Not from any original data.

Here's one image of the 850 tank I took an hour ago. It's about as good as it gets. If you didn't know you'd think it was just dust. It's not even visible from 6" away.

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'83 RX50 MK ????mi
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