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Ok Iíve had the bones of a 79 special setting under a shelf in my garage for 5 or 6 years now. I bought it out of a farmerís field in Lancaster for $50 many years ago.

He told me it had been sitting there like that for 5 years. I thought what the heck a brought it home. Amazingly enough it only took about 45 minutes work to get it running. I think I cleaned out the nest in the air box, flushed out the tank and clipped a battery to it. Bump bump bump bump and it shot a bunch of crap out the exhaust and came to life. I did the standard brake rebuilds and fluid changes, put on a tank and side covers, seat and grab bar, and tires..kind of redid it with some 80 special parts I had around.

.and drove it for a few summers. It ran great..I never even changed the plugs. It had a small oil drip I didnít know what to do about from the engine case under the stator cover and more electrical gremlins than I cared to fight with. When I started building my unmidnight bobber I picked it apart. Then I wrecked the anyway that brings us up to now. You guys seem to enjoy this stuff so I thought Iíd post pics as I may take a while. But Iím getting started and ordered a new wire harness.

I started picking the bones of my wreck and I have more than a few parts hanging around my storage coolers.

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