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Unhappy XS 400 help please, new rider!

I am brand new to biking, just bought my first bike this week, and I am having some major issues. I have done my share of research and learning, so I generally know my way around a bike... here are the details

1981 XS400 Special II with 26,000 miles
brand new rebuilt carbs - clean
recent oil change


after driving it for a few days I took it out a few mornings ago and stopped to top off the tank, it wouldnt fire up, had to get jumped. i then replaced the battery (followed the directions to a T). It fired up this morning after charging it over night. I drove it a few miles to a friends house, it then wouldn't fire up. had to get ANOTHER jump. it ran until i got home, let it sit for 30 minutes, didn't start.


i adjusted the idle to 1200 rpm (factory standard). it idles great when I first fire it up before driving. but whenever I drive it shoots up to 3500-4000 every time i pull the clutch in to shift or stop and it stays there until I pop it back into gear. I WD-40 the throttle line and idle adjustment, didnt help at all.


there appears to be some kind of leak on the left carb. it gets wet every time i have driven.

and the kick start doesn't work at all. it doesn't turn over the engine at all...

I know this may seem vague, but I am very new to all of this. I want to learn and am willing to do what it takes to fix myself... please help!
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