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I'm sure you'll find that the charging system is toast. With the bike idling, the battery should be reading around 12.6 volts or there about. when you rev the engine up to around 1,200/ 1,300, etc... the charging system should kick in and the voltage will go up. Without the data from the manual.. I can't tell you at what RPM that should take place nor what the higher voltage should be. But, if you see no voltage rise when the engine is revved, you at least know that the charging system isn't working.

Your other issue is carb related. With the engine at idle, turn the handle bars fully in each direction. If the engine revs, the throttle cable is too tight or routed incorrectly.
Your carbs may be out of synch... one carb doing more work than the other which could give erratic rpm spikes.
Carb passages could be plugged mit gunk and not firing on both cylinders evenly until at slightly higher rpm when the faulty carb finally kicks in.
Vacuum leak at the carb manifolds will also cause madness.(hanging RPM)
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