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Originally Posted by Pat Kelly View Post
One of our DC;s is in Ardmore, OK. Only been there once. Did my 34 hour break there, spent it at the Flying J truckstop. I do make it through the OK panhandle when I do my occasional run to Mt Sterling, IL.

This job makes visiting tough. I have an internet friend in Salt Lake City and we've met once even though I've been through there a dozen times. I usually pass through there in the middle of the night.
Over The Road trucking (for me) involves driving 11 hours straight with 10 hours off. I usually pack food so I eat while driving so I only stop for restroom or a quick nap if tired (how many jobs let you take a nap when you feel like it?). I usually try to take my 10's at rest areas rather than truckstops. Truckstops are noisy and smelly. Rest areas and freeway ramps are usually quieter. Showers are at truckstops when I stop for fuel. Probably sound disgusting to some but that is usually every other day. In my view, I am just sitting in my truck without much physical exertion (sweating). Besides, I'm by myself the whole time so there's no one to complain if I do get aromatic.

I've seen a couple of XS1100's on the road. If a big-rig honks and you haven't cut him off or he's not out-of-control, then it might be me (see truck in above photo)
We'll keep an eye out for ya, Pat!
Drive Safe!
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