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Well the radiator shop I talked to today said it's not the best method for getting rust out. Especially if it is thick rust. He even mentioned doing the "shake a chain in the tank" method....which leads me to believe either A - he doesn't like dipping tanks or B - it's not a very viable method of removing rust. Either way you can buy a battery charger and some A&H or TSP for the price it would cost you to dip it. Which in my opinion is better, considering you get to keep the battery charger (unless you have one, in which case it would be even cheaper). You should let me know what you choose to do since I will be cleaning 2 tanks in the near future. Just bought a second one so I can "Refurbish" the original (or the new one if it is in better condition) and still ride. I will probably sell the one I don't use. Not sure if I will paint them both or not. Depends on cost.

If cost is not an issue and you wanna just eliminate rust, check out Metal Rescue. That stuff looks pretty awesome. 5 gallon bucket of it is $90 and you could prolly dip some other parts in it as well ie" fenders, brake calipers, handle bars etc. Anything metal that has rust. It removes it within 1-14hrs depending on the severity of the rust. Just buy and dip basically. There is also another product out there that is a 3 part fix. Cleaner, deruster, and sealer. Not sure the name off hand, or the price. If your tank isn't terribly rusty you prolly don't "need" to seal it. If it will be your primary tank and bike, it wouldn't be a bad idea considering the age. Metal will eventually decay over time. A sealer will prevent that. Just some of my thoughts as I've owned my bike
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