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Fuse Connectors Broken

I see most of the posts in this thread are more than a few years old; but I'll post anyway.

I put in a new fuse and the connector (being 40 years old) broke off. I have it held in using a clamp, making sure that the clamp does not complete the circuit, but my set-up looks like it was done by "Primitive Pete" (if anyone remembers safety films from high school shop class).

I checked ebay for replacement alternatives, and there are a lot of choices; but when I read the words "cut" and "splice" with them, I can just see myself messing it up.

So long story short; what is the recommended replacement for my 79' XS and what is involved in the installation? Are the fuse blocks talked about in this thread still available, or is something better and/or easier out there?

Thanks from a rider (me) that is not the handiest person with a snipper and splicer!!!
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