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Originally Posted by DGXSER View Post

For those of you that may not be familiar with how a lock cylinder works, the rest of the tabs you see are specifically sized to match the key for the lock. So if any fall out, they have to go back in the same spot or your key will no longer work that lock..
This is a good place to point out that you can re-key a switch (or any of the other locks) yourself if you have the tumbler out like this. There's only 5 or 6 kinds of the 'tabs' (or whatever they're called), so if you have some extras (the same ones are used in the fuel cap, helmet lock, and sidecover lock), sometimes you can swap these around to re-key one. An excellent reason not to throw away those locks you don't have keys to, use 'em for parts. Sometimes a bit of minor filing may be needed, and a good way to 'fix' having multiple keys...

I will note that only the ignition switch uses 5 'tabs', the others use fewer (3 for the cap and sidecover, 4 for the helmet lock), so this may not always work if you want to reinstall all of the tabs. But you can use fewer, you just run the chance of more keys fitting the lock....
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