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Originally Posted by kierensmith View Post
i actually just replaced the battery... maybe it is? if so what do i do? do i need to re-grease the chain?
Hi Kieren,
Chains must be continually nurtured.
Cheapskates lube chains with used engine oil but that flings off too quick.
Traditionalists melt the spare chain out of the can of Linklyfe and swap it for the chain on the bike but you can't buy Linklyfe these days.
You should go to a bike shop and buy a spraycan of chain lube.
It don't matter which one, despite what the cans say, they all work well.
Put the bike on it's centrestand so the rear wheel can spin freely and fizz the entire chain with the lube.
Re-lube the chain every second or third time you fill the gas tank.
Eventually the chain will wear and need replacing.
Replace the chain and both sprockets as a set.
Old sprockets eat new chain and old chain eats new sprockets.
Replaced as a set they go on together like an old married couple.
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