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Don't lose your balls!

Originally Posted by scooter123 View Post
Sorry to thread new to the site and cant find where to start a new post.. and I hope someone can help me
I have a 78 xs 400 and I just finished a tear down and cleaning of the carbs and I just noticed two little springs and ball bearings and I didnt see them fall out so I dont know where they go????????
Hi Scooter and welcome,
start a new post by opening the appropriate forum.
(you got that right)
At the very top on the left you will see a place marked "new thread"
Click on it and post away.
Like Phil says, if the XS400 carbs are similar to the XS11 carbs there's a rod linking the carbs that pulls across to fully or partially engage what is properly called the enrichening circuit but hey, call it a choke like everyone else does.
The little springs, followed by the balls, go down crossdrilled holes where the rod slides through.
You gotta put them in first and hold the balls down with a small screwdriver to slide the rod across on assembly.
The balls click into detents on the rod to latch it in place when you pull the "choke" knob out.
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