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"500 Special" is on the road!

I think my last posted update I was waiting to get some tires. So I finally got some Shinko 230's online and installed them shortly after getting all the mechanical stuff sorted. The last piece of the puzzle arrived from ebay a few weeks ago in the form of a nice original rear grab bar that the bike was missing.

It seems it has taken forever for the weather to turn nice here in the Chicagoland area but last weekend wasn't too bad so I finally had a chance to take the bike out for a proper ride. I did a few laps around town and the bike was running pretty good. No hiccups or anomalies to speak of so far. Oh I also picked up a Morgan Carb Tune and put that to use today. The carbs were a bit off which I guess is to be expected but thankfully once I balanced 1to2 and 3to4 they were solid across the board. I didn't take the tank off all the way, just propped it up a bit. No way was I getting to that center adjust screw without taking the tank off. I will say post adjustment the revs seem to be smoother. I haven't had the guts to rev it past 5k when shifting yet....haaa. This thing moves!

Nothing left to do now but ride which I plan to do a lot of this summer. Thanks to everyone here for all the information I used to get the bike back on the road.

A couple pics of the bike now and one the day I got it. Cheers!
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