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It's alive

Originally Posted by donebysunday View Post
Just bought, does not run, has fuel leak, owner wanted to fix but ran into the octi and gave up, noice bike if it'll run when I'm done !!!
I rode this SG today that king queen seat sits me up so high I'm on the balls of my feet, I will make it a priority to find a stock seat and hopefully a 1980 !

The back brake is sticking (brought a rubber mallet with me).
The engine purrs at idle and starts with a tap of the button no problem, but occasionally coughs on slight acceleration (did not want to rev it up since it has not run in a long time) and while riding it started bucking and then run on less than 4 cylinders. When it's running right it has all the power I would/could want.
Scary, reminds me when I bought my 79 back in 79 the set up man says be careful it's very powerful. I pulled up to the end of the parking lot to get on the main street of town and it was rush hour W A I T >>> OK there's a spot to get in, came out of the drive onto main street sideways.

Now oil change, filter, full tank of non-ethanol, plugs, free up back brake, Oh I picked up an 850 reg/rect , 12.9v idle 1500 rpm 13.9v , 2500 rpm ,14.6v and the tach works great.
Thanks Guys !!!! Done, well for now, I'll keep reporting and make a video ASAP
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