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New battery still won't start

Here's the problem. My 78 had a bad battery. I could get it to start with the battery charger hooked up to the old battery. Bought a new battery. When I turned the key on with the new battery in place nothing happened. No idiot lights no head light no horn no starter....nothing. I thought the ground cable wasn't making good contact so I cleaned both sides of the cable terminals,cleaned the contact point on the frame and tried again. Nothing. Same results as when I put the new battery in.

Here's what I've tried so far.
1 Hooked the battery charger to the new battery and charged overnight.
results...still no power to any electric on the bike.

2 Hooked battery charger back up turned key on.
results...I have power to idiot lights, horn,headlights. Bike won't start. Starter solenoid just buzzes when you hit starter button.

3 Took pos and neg leads off of battery and hooked them straight to battery charger bypassing battery.
results...same as #2

4 Cleaned contacts again and hooked battery back up.
results... same as #1

5 Metered voltage on battery at rest.
results...12.58 volts

6 Turned key on while metering battery voltage
results... voltage dropped from 12.58 to 0 measuring across the pos neg terminals or measuring across neg terminal and starter solenoid stud from battery.

The battery that I pulled out of the bike is several years old. It has gone through several charge/discharge cycles. I tried to keep a battery tender on it but wasn't diligent enough about it.
I can kick start the bike as long as the battery charger is connected. Once it starts I can pull the charger and it runs fine, I just can't shut the bike off.

What am I missing. I really thought it was a ground issue but I can hook the battery charge to a paint free spot on the frame and the pos cable with or with out the battery in line and at least get some things to work, just not the starter.
I'm stumped!
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