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Yes, very odd indeed. It's got me beat. The spark stays strong through the stall of the bike. Idles good (rough to start). Runs awesome up top. Moving the floats to 25mm helped the issue a bit. When it's about to die the exhaust will pop (A high pitched noise) then go back to normal over that "transition range". Maybe I have the wrong needles installed? They might have used some from a kit. Would the too big main jets cause this? Possibly adding to the issue. But it seems like it would be lean during the transition because with more air it wants to die. Like the diaphragms aren't opening fast enough? Or the needle taper is wrong. Maybe there's something in the ignition system that isn't moving the way it should, maybe not enough vacuum to move the advance thing at lower engine speeds. I really have no idea. I'm all over the place here. If anyone takes the time to read this you're awesome.

Thanks for the help, advice, and knowledge.
1980 special
stock except for 4 into 2 exhaust
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