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Originally Posted by donebysunday View Post
I guess I was looking for an answer as to what were the stock original equipment tires on a 1980 XS1100SG.
I could put high speed racing tires on but was thinking stock ?

Thanks for the tip on Shark Hyde !

Also when putting air in the front forks I've always played around with a compressor until I thought I had them where I wanted and both the same.
Is there an easy way to pump them up equal ?
Answer to first question: Maxim Phil had it correct, Bridgestone. Least that's what came on my Venturer when I purchased it new May 1981.
Although, at that time, they were conventional size not 90 series, and are no longer available.
Answer to last question: Install a 't' Schrader valve between the two existing Schrader valves on forks......easy peasy.
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