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Per Trbig's advice, a full set of new, Blue, main bearings arrived today. Thank you, Tod.

The full set was roughly $100 shipped from a seller on eBay:

Yamaha XS1100-FJ1200 Crank Bearings - Blue
9 of 2H7-11416-01 (plane bearings)
1 of 2H7-11417-01 (thrust bearing)

After I finish grilling the engine case to cure the paint, I'll re-check the Main bearing oil clearances with Plastigauge but the measured dimensions pass a sanity check with the measurements made from the old bearings.

I measured the planes of all the bearing shells and the sides of the thrust bearing with my Harbor Freight micrometer. I glued a 0.1735in ball to the anvil to try to get accurate readings without marking the bearing surfaces:

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