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Guess it depends on how picky you want to be. Some riders would love to have plugs looking that good.

So the bike starts well both Cold start & Hot start without any issues?
How much oil did you use in that 6K of use?

#4 & #3 have that nice tan color so those are fine.

#1 looks a bit black but some of that could be the light angle of the pic. But it looks like there is some brownish color up the insulator.

I assume you are parking the bike for the winter? I'd carefully drain the carb bowls and see how much crud is in there. Those bowl drain washers get mangled up so be careful if you don't have new ones on hand.

Let's see what the others say. Oh, running inline gas filters? So kind of depends. Hate to get into something that's working. Depends too on the miles you expect to ride in 2019.

Ditto on what DiverRay said. Depends on the tools and how close to perfect you want it.

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