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Been a while and I'm overdue for an here it is.

All the black parts were taken to a shop in Tempe for the final work. We had a couple of all black (New Yamaha Black) items for the RX50 to do as well as the XS1100 and XV920 tank in the speckle black.

After the test spray below on the 920 tank it was determined that despite the best efforts by ColorRite we still had too much flake in it. The tank turned out exceptionally well however and it's pretty close to the finish of all the parts in the 850 in fact. *That bike does forever have a tad more speckle to it than the others do for some reason. Maybe it was the first try by Yamaha?

The final chosen result was to do a 1:1 mix of the special order speckle black with the NYB paint and let it fly. The move was a bit bold as I thought we might well bury the gold specs too deeply into the finish. It didn't; the paint shop nailed it! The tank and two fenders are now once again back to their original color here. I could not be happier with both ColorRite and Automotive Collision Services for their work. Pricing on the labor was very reasonable and I never pressured them on time but it was only a matter of a week or so.

Up next: I've sent the pipes and bars to to be re chromed; a chore in that it required a custom crate just to get it there. Hopefully they'll turn out well and we can begin final assembly in due time.

*As a fun side note I mentioned the RX50 which was and still is a Midnight edition but today I've taken a few liberties to make it match the other bikes. See what you can spot as non original but correct to the others.

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