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I did my

LH a few years back and put a purple flake in the paint on the tank, fenders and side covers. It looks jet black in the shade but has a subtle glitter in the sun. Frame, motor, calipers, swing arm etc. were a high gloss black with four clear coats baked on. Produced a very deep rich colour. It's a big chick magnet when I park it during rest stops. Got a lot of phone numbers from short rides for a coffee and just sitting in the parking lot having a rest. I call her Spica after the primary star in the Virgo constellation. She only had 5 k miles on her when I rescued her from being scrapped. I just couldn't let that happen. She was number 178 coming off the line in 1980. Part of the restore used to be on here. Type in spica restore in the search engine. They might still be available. Really want to see how your pipes turn out. I went with ceramic. Very nice job so far!!!!!!
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