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When I first did the '750 mod I bought all the recommended parts but I didn't trust the spacer idea so I cut the barrel off the yoke from a bad u-joint and extended the splines the full length of the driveshaft again.

At the time I wanted it to be stronger than just the spacer but I also wanted to be able to undo the mod. I used the driveshaft to hold the parts together and aligned while I drilled and pinned both pieces with a couple of broken 1/8" drill bits, then covered them with JB Weld. The JB Weld crackled off like I thought it would but you can still see one of the holes in the yoke and it still has the pin in it.

When I decided it was time to make it permanent I brought the driveshaft along to the welder's shop so the parts would stay lined up through the heating and cooling.

However it turns out it uses up two XS11 yokes so don't mess up.

Cut The Yoke

Dress And True The Spacer

Check The Splines

Extended Yoke vs Spacer

XS1100 U-Joint Yoke Extended

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