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Fuse Box Replacement: A Pictorial
by Xsive Dan/OSEAGHDHA

Anyone ever see this?
Note the scabbed on inline holder for the headlights and the stripped twist tie holding the ignition fuse. YUCKY.

Step 1: Get it out of there. Two screws and swing it up and out of the way.

2. Install TC's fuse box.
I used a hacksaw to slot the right side. I also notched the top corners to clear the large screws and to get it centered as much as possible top to bottom.

I center punched for the other hole, and drilled it.
Flat washers add strength and hide my sloppy work.

Cut the wires out of the old box and label them.

I stripped back the tape and separated the top wires from the bottom ones.
Retape the bottom wires and run them through the metal loop.

I attached the wires using the right angle connectors recommended by Hobbyman.
I soldered them, crimped and applied shrink tube.

This thing is the $hit! Runs on butane.
It heats in about 15 seconds and includes a torch tip.
There was a thread about traveling tools including a soldering iron. This is perfect.

From the Shack.
You can see the connectors also from RS.

All done.