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Hey Brian, Standard needle jets have 5 clip positions with the middle one being the stock position. The DYNO kits also have 5 positions. Stock needles are an alloy color. DYNO needles are brass. On my 78 engine back in 79 The main jet was up sized from the stock 137.5 to 140 and the clip on the needle lowered one position for use with a 4 into 1 Kerker. with not much of a baffle in it. The engine ran very well with that set up. Floats were left stock.
If your engine is still running rich increasing fuel jet sizes will not cure that issue.
I just put the air box back on my modified bike with the above jetting and color tuned her. She is also rich in the middle range where the needle comes into play. I will be returning the needles to the stock position and checking it again tomorrow.
I went back to the air box because everything I have read about CV carbs says the BOX must be there if you want a decent tunable mid range. Since putting the box (drilled) back into play the engine is running MUCH better. When i did not have the box on and the PODs off I could see the slides popping up and down with no consistency at all. Very hit and miss. I am pretty much convinced that if one really wants POD air filters and a good running engine, different carbs are required.

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