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Well, I finally got around to checking the spark plugs after lowering my floats. I must have non-stock floats or something. After my wet-check, I saw that the fuel level in the bowls was 3mm too high. I lowered it 2mm to leave it a little rich to support the 4-1 Kerker and pods. That leaves it just within spec, as the manual says 3mm +/- 1mm (distance between bottom of bowl flange and fuel level. The float height measured with the bowls off is about 26.3mm. It runs great, and the plugs look way better (clean/tan) now. The RPMs still drop when I stop really hard, but it's not as bad as it was. I may try dropping the float height another mm, but I suspect that'll lean me out too much, and I'll need to re-jet.

I'm looking forward to seeing if I can get more than 140km before the fuel light comes on!
'80 SG with motor from a '82 XJ
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