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Question 1980 xs11 special dies with throttle

Hello all! I've been reading away on this site for a while but this is my first post.

I recently purchased the bike from a guy who had it in the back of his shed for a "few years". The bike is stock except for the exhaust it's a 4 into 2. When I got it I cleaned the carbs, the PO had them "professionally" rebuilt with a K&L kit with 120 main jets. I read that K&L jets are garbage so I bought the genuine mikuni 42.5 pilots. After the clean the bike wouldn't idle so I went ahead and did the second cleaning for the carbs. I broke them off the rack and boiled them. They seemed to work better for a while but when the bike is warm it wouldn't idle and when it did idle it would die when I touched the throttle. Figured it was running lean, I richened the idle mixture, same thing happened. It would take a while to start then would idle nice and smooth, like butter. touch the throttle and it dies. Carb clean #3 followed. Put them back in, bike wouldn't fire at all, replaced the plugs and she came to life. Struggles to start then idles smooth as melted butter soaked silk. Touch the throttle and it dies.

Any suggestions?

Right now i'm just trying to get the bike so I can ride it up the road to see if it's actually worth my time and money. The carbs have a good bench sync, I'm not sure if a bad sync would cause it to die when the throttle is opened.

The only thing I can imagine it being would be something in the ignition. The vacuum advance works, I can see it move when the cover is off. Not really sure what else could be wrong in the ignition department. I'm more proficient with mechanical stuff.

The battery is new. Stock airbox with new filter. No vacuum leaks around the manifolds.

Maybe the diaphragms aren't sealing properly and not allowing the slides to go up? The diaphragms are good, no holes.

Not sure what's going on with it. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

1980 special
stock except for 4 into 2 exhaust
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