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So, I had to pull the carbs back off. It's definitely easier the second time. Likewise putting them back. Still like giving birth in reverse though.

I eventually decided, from some other forum post I saw, to use fishing line through the drain plug to tug on the float to see if it was binding up. And it turns out that it was free to move until I screw it down, but once screwed down, the float is rubbing somewhere and doesn't freely move. I don't know if these old gaskets have thinned enough, or the float is out of whack, or what.

Originally Posted by skids View Post
John, I broke a “goal post” many years ago. I did not JB Weld it because i knew it was not gasoline proof. I just reinstalled the float and pin as-is. It worked fine. Yours will be also as long as the pin is seated on the remaining side.
... but I did this when re-assembling. I left the broken post out and scraped off all the JB Weld. I can't believe this works, skids, but it did! The float can move.

This time, I confirmed with the gas tank on my bench that the carb was getting wet, and that it stopped eventually. I had to futz with the tang a bit to make this happen. Man, my whole house still reeks of gas from that adventure.

But it's all back, all 4 cylinder running, and not leaks even with petcocks on Prime!

But... what the hell, my tail light stopped working? Brake light works, but running light doesn't. Bulb didn't look obviously burned out, and at that point after wrenching on it until late, I stopped for the night.

It was dark and I did want a test ride, so I taped my flashlight to the tail light assembly so it lit up. Damn thing runs great; maybe better than before. Although maybe it just sounds that way (it sounds NICE with that airbox off; if I wasn't such a fan of the stock look, I might get some pod air cleaners for the sound.

Thanks all for your help!
79 XS1100SF
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