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Engine Stutter

The carbs on my bike have never been quite right. The engine stutters only under hard acceleration. The only reason it pops out of 1st gear is due to a hard down shift most likely a bent fork if I start out slowly and don't exceed 3000rpm then shift to 2nd, and accelerate gently there is no problem. One issue I have that is a big issue is when I stop the bike if I forget to turn off the petcocks the bike will flood. I tried running some seafoam through the carbs to hopefully clean out any build up in the carbs. I don't quite recall having this issue last season. I am just wondering if running some premium through through the carbs if that might help. I feel it could be a fuel starvation issue. I don't know all the in's and out's of carbs but I understand that there are a series of jets that feed the engine fuel at different speeds and I am just wondering if that first series of jets are plugged if maybe the premium fuel might clear things up but I'm at a loss. Other than that the bike seems to behave well it handles very nice compared to my friends FLH that I've written a few times this season. The Harley-Davidson is nice but it's so incredibly heavy and I like the lightness of my bike compared to that 800 plus pound Beast of a Harley. I just want to get my bike running right.
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