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Re: Looks great

Originally posted by cajun31
how much did all the parts cost you and how long did it take you to do the conversion?
I got the fuse box from TC for I think $8. The connectors and soldering iron were about $29. Just the connectors were probably $3, I dunno, I wanted a new toy.

I could have finished it up in maybe three hours, but I wasn't in a hurry because the bike is down for parts right now.

Added by T.C.:

Addendum photos of folks installing in their XJ's. The sidecover doesn't have as much room, and will hit this fuseblock if it's mounted just on top of the OEM fuseblock metal plate, so folks have had to get creative with how they mounted them, most involve either removing the backing metal plate, or cutting sections out of it so allow the fuseblock to sit deeper towards the battery so the side cover will close!